244th Field Artillery Battalion

September 1942

Station Of Unit1
          Camp Shelby, Mississippi, September 1942.

          Caption reads  – Pfc. L. Jung Yot.  Battery A, Camp Shelby training

Tuesday – 1st September 19422
          Change In Organization

          The Battalion was attached for administration and supervision of training to Provisional Headquarters, Third Army, per General Order 86, Third Army, 8 August 1942; relieved from this attachment and attached for administration to 1st Headquarters, Special Troops, Third Army, Camp Shelby, Mississippi, effective 1 September 1942 per General Order 95, Third Army, 26 August 1942 and attached for administration and supervision to training 28 September 1942 to that Headquarters per Paragraph 13, General Order 108, 27 September 1942.

          SECOND WORLD WAR – After reactivation in 1940, the camp was rapidly rebuilt by 17,000 construction workers. The new, larger camp featured more than 1,800 buildings and included an airfield, hospital, prisoner of war stockade, and 250 miles of roads. The cost exceeded $24 million dollars. The new camp was the second largest training base in the United States (after Fort Benning, Georgia) with a troop capacity of 85,000. The camp exceeded this troop capacity, topping 100,000 in 1944. Camp Shelby also had the distinction of being the second largest city in Mississippi after the capital, Jackson.

      The first unit to arrive for training after reactivation was the 37th Infantry Division of Ohio in 1940. The “Buckeyes” were joined in early 1941 by the returning 38th “Cyclone” Division.  Other major units training at Camp Shelby during the Second World War included the 31st “Dixie” Division, 43rd “Winged Victory” Division, 65th “Halbert” Division, “Fighting” 69th Division, 85th “Custer” Division, and the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team made up of Japanese-American volunteers. Women served at Camp Shelby in the 45th Women’s Army Corp (WAC) Detachment and as nurses in the base hospital. Over 2,300 German soldiers were held in an adjacent prisoner of war camp. Most of the German prisoners were captured in North Africa while serving in the famous Afrika Korpsunder Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

     After the Second World War, the post was again closed. The War Assets Administration sold the federally owned property.  Even the water pipes were dug up and sold, most of them going to Oklahoma City, where some are still in use.

          Camp Shelby – “A” Battery Man

          Reservations at the Roosevelt Hotel New Orleans

13th September
          The Army-Navy “E” Award was an honor presented to companies whose production facilities achieved Excellence “E” in production of war equipment. The award was also known as the Army-Navy Production Award. The Marriott family visited the Higgins boat manufacturing company while visiting Lt. Marriott.

Friday – 18th September 19424

          On the 18th of September 1942, the bright recruits, all selectees, began to arrive from Fort Mead, Camp Blanding, Camp Lee and Fort McPherson.  From time to time during 1943 other replacements ere received from Fort Sill, Fort Bragg and the Presidio of Monterey California.

     Basic Training proceeded at a rapid pace in spite of the weather our first round was fired in record time, Third Army training tests were passed with flying colors.  Miss Patricia “Pat” Cook, daughter of the Commanding Officer, presented the Battalion Colors and they were blessed by father Casey.  Tops down, windshields down and we began looking like soldiers, these were the days of the Empire-of-Paradise formula retreats and inspections.  Oh, Gold Cost weekends, New Orleans nights and Hattiesburg Monotony.  While at Shelby the Battalion was assigned for administration and supervision of training to the 197th Field Artillery Brigade, then to the IV Corps and finally to the XV Corps.

          Attached drawing of the Coat of Arms as described in section 3 of the document above

          Attached drawing of the Coat of Arms as described in section 3 of the document above

          172nd Field Artillery Unit Crest (Load with Canisters) The Institute of Heraldry TIOH

Sunday – 28th September 1942
          Pvt. Jasper Mathis – Post card home to his wife

Sun. Night

          Darling excuse this card but it carries as much love as any letter you ever got.  I am looking for a way hopping to be with you before you receive this.  So just keep holding on if you can.  Ha Ha.  But darling I do love you with all my heart & don’t worry about me coming.  I am if I can.  Tell mother hello & all the rest for I want to see them all.  More than you or they know.  But be sweet & remember I love you truly darling.  Your hubby loving you always.  Jake

Wednesday – 30th September 19425
          Strength Last Day (Commissioned And Enlisted)
August 194224881129
September 194225569594482
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