The following article, “244th Field Artillery Battalion” was donated by Patrick Feng, Foundation Programs and Operations Coordinator at the Army Historical Foundation and a regular contributor to the “On Point” publication. This article is a summery of the 244th Field Artillery Battalion history.  244th FA Bn. Patrick Feng

         A note on this History section.  I did not footnote the Library of Congress HQ FUSAG Twelfth Army Situation Maps 1944 & 1945.  They are found here so consider this to be the footnote for all of them.

          All of the Battalion map coordinates were translated here.  When you click on a map coordinate highlighted in red it will open in Google Maps at a two-mile distance with a red marker.  Zoom into the map and the red marker is place exactly in the center of that translated coordinate.  Understand that in some cased this might not be the exact position of the 244th, but it is as close to the position as is possible using Battalion coordinates..

          There are towns, villages and a few map coordinates that are not yet located.  These locations are not highlighted in red, so feel free to find them for me as I have unable to do so

          All additions and or corrections, please submit to  Thank you.