244th Field Artillery Battalion


XII Corps – Spearhead of Patton’s Third Arm

TM 9-1326; Artillery, 105-mm Howitzer M3 and Howitzer Carriages M3 and M3A1

FM 6-75 Field Artillery; Service Of The Piece 105-MM Howitzer, M2, Truck-Drawn December 12, 1941

TM 26-5, Interior Guard Duty 16th January 1942

TM 6-225; Field Artillery Trainer, M3 November 1944

TM 9-350 155 mm Gun M2, Carriage M1 and M1A1; Gun Mount M13; Heavy Carriage Limber M2 and M5; and Firing Platform M1 – 7 May 1945

FM 6-90 Field Artillery Field Manual; Service of The Piece – 155mm Gun M1

Field Artillery School – Individual Training Gun Mechanics 155-mm Howitzer Fort Sill December 1, 1942

Field Artillery Field Manual Volume 1 – Organization And Drill October 20, 1931

Field Artillery School – History Of The Development Of Field Artillery Materiel Fort Sill 1939 – 1940

FM 1-20 Army Air Force; Tactics And Technique Of Air Reconnaissance And Observation April 20, 1942

FM 6-135 Field Artillery; Forward Observation 10 August 1944

FM 6-150 Artillery; Organic Air Observation

TM 9-305 75-mm Materiel, M1897 and Modifications, 31 March 1941

FM 6-100 Field Artillery; Tactics And Technique Of Division Artillery And Higher Artillery Echelons, 24 May 1944

FM 5-20D Engineers; Camouflage of Field Artillery February 9, 1944

FM 5- Engineer; Volume I Engineer Troops July 23, 1932

FM 5- Engineer; Volume II Military Engineering Part One Communications

FM 5-10 Engineer; Volume II Military Engineering Part Three Construction and Utilities

FM 5-5 Engineer; Engineer Troops October 11, 1943

Ordnance Field Service Carbine, Caliber .30, M1 & M1A1 September 1942

Battery Chief Mechanics Automatic Pistols Browning Automatic Rifle, Browning Machine Gun .30 And .50, 37MM Gun, October 1, 1942

Ordnance Field Service Gun, Machine, Caliber .30 Browning M1917A1 February 1943

Automatic Rifle (Browning) Model Of 1918 Service Handbook March 1921

Ordnance Field Service Rifle, Automatic Caliber .30 Browning M1918A2 February 1943

Army Talks ETO – Combat Medicine September 13, 1944

The Officer’s Guide, 9th Edition – July 1942

Awards – U.S. Military Regulations

Intelligence Bulletin Volume III No. 1 September 1944

Projectile Fuzzes – OP 1212, May 23, 1945

OP 1548 – Bomb Fuzz Data October 5, 1945

Handbook Of Enemy Ammunition Pamphlet No. 7, 5 June 1943

Catalog of Enemy Ordnance Materiel German – Part I of III March 1, 1945

Catalog of Enemy Ordnance Materiel Japanese – Part II of III March 1, 1945

Planning Munitions for War – The Ordnance Department

Procurement and Supply – The Ordnance Department

Bracketing The Enemy: Forward Observers And Combined Arms Effectiveness During The Second World War

FM 21-30; Military Map Symbols 15 October 1943

Ford Truck Model GPW Instructions For Unpacking And Assembly Of Boxed Vehicle

TM-9-617 Generating Unit M18 19 January 1944

Time On Target

Battle of the Bulge

The Lorraine Campaign

The Supreme Command

Northern France

Central Europe

Ardennes – Alsace



The Siegfried Line Campaign

The Last Offensive

Riviera to the Rhine

Cross Channel Attack

Breakout And Pursuit

Organizational History of Field Artillery – 1775 – 2003

Logistical Support of the Armies, Vol I, May 1941 – September 1944

Logistical Support of the Armies, Vol II, September 1944 to May 1945

Field Artillery Part 1

Field Artillery, Part 2

Eyes of Artillery – The Origins of Modern U.S. Army Aviation in World War II

TM 9-1662; Binaural Training Instruments, M1 and M2, July 8, 1941

The Adjutant Generals Office – History August 1942 to 15 March 1944 History

Doc Savage Letter – 244th F.A. Bn History 12-15-49

History Of The 244th Feld Artillery Battalion During World War II – USAHEC

History of the 244th – Carey Clark Letter to Officers & Enlisted

Battalion Journal Report 1944

Battalion Journal Report 1945

After Action Report – 1944 December After Action Report

After Action Report – 1945 After Action Report

Colonel Davis Paper