Camp Gordon Map
Tuesday – 14th December 1943
          Travel Orders – Lt. Marriott
Monday – 27th December 1943
          1st Lt. Marriott – Letter Home, from Camp Gordon, Augusta, Georgia

Dear folks,

     Well, it’s over and I sure hope Don was able to make it home for the big day.  I’ll bet it was fun at the dinner – seeing everyone together again.  I sure missed being there, but i did have dinner away from here.  Jack Stalling and I went over to Atly Grahams for dinner, then went and called on Ted Price, Dick Galway & the Coyne’s.  I was at the Coyne’s Christmas Eve.  We had fun – putting up the tree and everything.  Wink had gone to Pine Hurst with the Col and got back this morning.  I just loved the socks & tie Peg got at Wilmington.  The tie is the best one I have, every one likes it.  Bobbie picture is the nuts!!!  The package from Carson’s hasn’t arrived yet.  Aunt Ruth’s box was here – and was enjoyed by one and all.

     In forty minutes, five of us are going out into the field for 10 (ten) days to umpire the 10th Armored Div. in their A.G.F Battalion problem test.  The weather is nice outside – I only hope it holds.

     The car is in a . . . fix again – the L rear brake grabs and I can’t drive it.  – hope to get it to the garage in a week or so.  The P.X. hasn’t got my size in the Coat – I sure could use it now.  Have got to close now – much love to all, take care of the kids – they’re the best in the world,


Will try to get notes or cards off when I can.


Friday – 31st December 19431
          Strength Last Day (Commissioned And Enlisted)
January 1943365405761
February 1943425315733
March 19433559062552
April 1943385786169
May 19433856460212
June 1943376685957
July 19433954358213
August 19433952456319
September 19433954855724
October 19433951555433
November 19434647752331
December 1943474815285
  1. Department of The Army, The Adjutant General’s Office, History of The 244th Field Artillery Battalion 8 August 1942 to 15 March 1944