Dear Folks,

     Clear and cold – what a change from Sunday, which was “shirt sleeve” weather. We have been very busy this last week; every day we all have been out in the field – surveying or running wire for our telephone net. The training tempo has increased. We have school every night this week – instead of every other night. The men are picking up the new work very well.

     Glad to hear that Don is on another mission – I know he’s thrilled each time he goes off. I can realize how bad he feels – not seeing the two boys, but as you said there are a lot more a whole lot worse off.

     Peg’s birthday present was the most thoughtful thing she could have given me. When I first looked at it – I had a rather strong feeling come over me – I’ve never quite been affected in the same manner before. I can assure her that it’s one of my prized possessions and will carry it wherever I go. I can’t thank her enough!

     Have got to get to bed now – got another big day ahead of me.
                                                   Much love to all,

          The Galway and Price Christening – L to R Dick Galway, Kenneth Dickerson, Mrs. T. Price, Tom Marriott, Louis and Sally Macado Agusta Ga 

Dear Folks,

          Spent the morning at the Dental Clinic – had my second and last wisdom tooth pulled. Yesterday it started to hurt – so only one thing to do!! While I was there I had another front tooth refilled – the old one had worn out a bit. Tuesday, I have to go back and have them all cleaned. It’s been a long time – guess I really need it. As yet my jaw doesn’t hurt. The hole is so large – I can’t see why it doesn’t though.

     Nothing new has happened here – things are much the same. Our cold snap is over – hope it’s warm Saturday & Sunday.

     Soon, I hope we go into Cottons – it will be a relief – woolens are getting tiresome.

     Say – you haven’t mentioned finding that picture for me – see what you can do will you –

     I guess were going over to Coyne’s tomorrow night – the whole gang – on a party.

     I am O.D. again tonight – so I hope I’m through for a long time. This isn’t much of a letter, perhaps it will do till I write Sun. or Mon.

     The watch hasn’t lost a second. I couldn’t find that prayer in Peg’s Prayer Book – remember the one that was mentioned at the Bishop’s Chapel – If you can find it – would you mind sending it to me?
                                                 Much love to all.

          Camp Gordon – Dick Galway and Dick Galway jr, at christening

Dear Folks,

          Sort of fell down on my letter writing this last week, the time flew by so fast that I just couldn’t keep track of the day. We had smallpox vaccination last week and I was a wreck – mine took!! They wore me down so that I could hardly wait till I got in to bed. It’s all red, and itches like the very devil.

     The lights on the car are on the fritz. They shored out and I can’t get the car into town to have em fixed. I think it’s in the switch ‘cause it sparked when I was foolin with it.

     Last week it rained and was cold – today was perfect – so I hope it’s an indication of whether to come. We are going to be in the field all this week. The Col. hopes to shoot our new gums Thurs. & Friday. It should be a great thrill to all of us. (I don’t know the date of that “Post”) If I can locate a picture of it, I’ll shoot it to you.

     Say – that film I have is not any good. Do you think Lane could get me some? I’d like to try some color film if it’s available. Speaking of pictures – they are all in the left hand “end table” drawer. Perhaps the guy in Wheaten has the negative in file – and could knock out a small one for me. Also – could you send some of the good snaps taken at “Forrest”. Jane doesn’t care – just anything. Hope you get a chance to meet her. She’s very nice – determined too!! Tell Dad that she’s a “fish eater” too. Don’t know how I’ll manage. If I ever get a leave – I’ll bring her home with me. Would you mind? She surprised all of us by getting a job at Oliver General Hospital. It’s good for her too – it will keep her busy.

      I got a very nice letter from Mrs. Hafner today – she had a lot to say – very “newsy”. Guess I had better write to her in a few days. She didn’t mention the family – as you can imagine. Which is just as well.

     I’m glad to hear that the whole family is feeling good – I bet the kids are getting cuter every day. What have you heard from Don? Hope he had a nice trip and that all is well. Not much else to report will have to write you in a few days.
                                                   Much love to all,

          Camp Gordon – Ted Price and baby daughter at her christening

          Camp Gordon – Lt. Ray Lee & Anne Mullen at christening.

          Camp Gordon – Luis Macado and baby Dick Galway jr. at christening

          Sally and Luis Macado with Dick Galway jr. at Christening.

Dear Folks,

     Just a note before we have dinner. We were supposed to be out in the field today and tomorrow, but because of the 10th Armored Division we couldn’t complete the problem they had the range all tied up. We got our wire in in very short order, and the guns were coming in when “March Order” was given. We kind of felt bad cause all of us do much better work when we are out of camp.

     The last few days here have been terribly windy and rainy. It will be nice when we can count on a nice day. Jane, Wink & I went to the show Sunday and last night – “The Lodger” a super thriller about “Jack-the-Ripper”. Last night – Alivia De Haviland in “Government Girl”. A real cute show – you would like it. Rumors!! Has it that the Col. is being transferred to S. America. If it’s true – it’s a real blow and loss to the Bu. I hope it isn’t true, don’t you? More later when we know.

     I hate to say this, but April (up to about the 21st) is going to be our busiest month. We are supposed to take our Battery test. This means that there will be school more often during the week than ever before.

     This doesn’t seem to me to be an opportune time for a visit. It seems like a long, expensive trip down here, when there is the chance that I won’t be able to see as much of you to as I did at Benning. If we can find a better time, when I can be with you several nights and on a weekend – that would be much better, wouldn’t it?

     I’m off to dinner now. More tonight. I’m OD again.
                                      Much Love.